General Questions:

Q: What is your name, how old are you, where do you live?
A: Taylor Harris, Born on March 28th 1990, Maine

Software / Hardware Questions:

Q: What software do you record / edit with?
A: I record my PC videos with DxTory / Logitech Webcam Software. I edit all of my videos with Sony Vegas 12, and sometimes use Adobe Photoshop for miscellaneous work. Any animation models that are in my thumbnails are made with Cinema 4D. I live-stream with Open Broadcast Software.

Q: Can you show me your DxTory / Sony Vegas 12 render settings?
A: Sure.
DxTory #1 – DxTory #2 – Vegas #1Vegas #2

Q: Can you give me a tutorial of the programs you use?
A: Unfortunately no. It would take too much time, and there exist PLENTY of good guides out there on how to use these programs.

Q: What are your computer specs / what microphone do you use?
A: It’s all listed on my YouTube about page.

Q: Can you recommend a computer build for me / rate my PC?
A: No, as this would take too much time to do individually. The forum is a great place to go for that!