Minecraft Questions:

Q: Can you buy / get me a copy of Minecraft please?
A: I get this question more then you would think. The answer is no.

Q: Can you join my server / play Minecraft with me?
A: This is by far, the most requested thing I get. I have to say no to all of these requests, as I get multiple requests a day. If I said yes to them, my entire day would be taken by just that. Instead, follow me on Twitter, and if I ever join a public server when I’m messing around / looking to play with others, I’ll announce it there. As far as accepting personal requests, I have to say no.

Q: What server / servers do you play on?
A: Because of how many subscribers I have, and mob mentality, I can never reveal what servers I play on. I usually don’t even play on my primary account anyways when I play on public servers. For this reason, I won’t ever reveal what servers I play on.

Q: Are you going to make a server?
A: I tried that once before, and it didn’t pan out.

Q: What resource pack do you use?
A: For the most part, I use the FaithfulVenom 32x Texture Pack. The download link can be found here!

Q: Cow Killing Montage, when is it coming?
A: Probably never, honestly. It feels like a video like that would be in bad taste anyways. I shouldn’t have ever made a video promising I would do it. It’s the one thing I could never figure out how to do properly.