YouTube Questions:

Q: What got you into Minecraft / YouTube?
A: Check my 1,000,000 Subscriber Video.

Q: How did you come up with the name AntVenom?
A: tl;dr version, I wanted a cool name for Battlefield 2, friends name was poison, I went with ant1poison, it was taken, so I took ant1venom (Which was also taken, but I was tired, so I took ant1venom3). Over time people mistook the 1 for a slash, calling me “Ant Venom”, so I signed up my Xbox live name as that (Since Ant1venom was taken), and then took the YouTube Channel name “AntVenom”, since “ant1venom” was previously suspended. That’s the story.

Q: What happened to (insert series name here?)
A: One of 3 things.

  • The series ended the way it was supposed to, much like 4 Pillar Survival, Ant Farm Survival, and Extreme Ant Farm Survival.
  • The series became too boring, or difficult, much like Reliving Minecraft, Super Hostile, and Amplified Survival.
  • It’s a sporadic series that I never had any intention of running often.

Q: Can I be in a video with you / you be in a video of mine?
A: I do not accept requests for any co-op content unless it’s with someone I am already friends with.

Q: How do I become friends with you?
A: If you are trying to become my friend for the purpose of recording with you, then you are trying to use me…not become friends with me. Don’t.