Tony_Hawk's_Underground_PlayStation2_box_art_coverTony Hawk Series

From 2004 through 2007, and even a little bit today, the Tony Hawk series has played a huge role in my gaming career.

This game isn’t just a game about scoring the most amount of points possible. It’s about the ability to improvise complex lines on the fly, and pulling off really cool and unexpected lines with style. It’s the sort of thing you have to see to understand.

I originally started playing this game as a “glitcher”, finding crazy techniques to get to spots in any given level that you’re not supposed to, and generally having fun breaking the game. As the years went on though, I got more interested in the “improv” scene. When I tried honing my own skill in the game, and finding myself slowing getting better at it, I was hooked. Thanks to a PC mod for THUG2 called “THUG Pro”, I still play this game every week or so to this day.

You can a few of my old Tony Hawk videos on my first YouTube Channel! There are also quite a few if you search for “ptc thps” on YouTube – Click here!

2019 Edit: These days, I sort of lead a double life on YouTube. I run a second channel for THUG Pro called the “THUG Pro Hub”. Every video released from 2016 onwards is a video that I made. Check it out!