From 2007 through early 2011, RuneScape took up the majority of my gaming time, whenever I wasn’t working in a movie / game rental store. Yes, that was actually my job, and it was awesome.

For all of 2007, I just played the game for what it was worth. But toward the end of 2007, I became familiar with names like TehNoobShow and LuckyBucket. I became amazed at the capture and editing quality of Luckybucket’s “Hey Driver” RSMV. I immediately learned the software he used to capture the video with, as it was crisper and cleaner than any RuneScape video I had seen to that point.

RSMV stands for “RuneScape Music Video”, which essentially means adding edited RuneScape visuals to our favorite music. While the idea seems cheesy, it was our way of being creative, and learning new tricks with our editing software. It was around this time I became familiar with the editing program Sony Vegas.

As time went on, a lot of the community moved into comedic sketches created within RuneScape. In 2009, Jagex, the company that created the game, held an official Machinima competition. To this day, my submission to that competition was one of my best pieces of work, even though it didn’t place among the final 6 entries. A lot of people thought it would, and for that, I’m proud of it. That video can be found here! – Click here!

In late 2010 / early 2011, I began a series called RuneScape Undercover, and posted that onto the YouTube channel “Machinima”. It was something I wanted to create full time, but then a little game called Minecraft came along, and changed everything for me…