What can I say about Minecraft. Too many things. This is gonna be the longest section of this “About” page. I started playing Minecraft in late November of 2010, and have been playing it ever since.

My best friend introduced me to Minecraft when I was visiting his house a couple nights before Thanksgiving. He told me to check out this new game he had gotten into, but I initially declined, as I didn’t want to get addicted to another game, as was the case with World of Warcraft. But after some persuading, I checked out the game. Being the kind of person who loved retro games, I fell in love with Minecraft immediately. The concept of a brand new kind of game baffled me. After showing me the basics, I was introduced to “X’s Adventures in Minecraft”. Since I spent the night over this friend’s house, I used up the remainder of my phone’s battery watching as many episodes as I could, and when I got home, watching the rest of the series. While watching these episodes, I began work on “The Peaceful Map”, which was my 2nd ever Minecraft map, and can actually be found for download at the top of this page!

After having been hopelessly addicted to Minecraft for a few months, I thought it would be a good idea to begin recording my experiences in Minecraft, following in the footsteps of “X”. I began documenting random things I made on my Peaceful Map, as well as making other random videos here and there about the game. In February of 2011, I had the idea of doing a “Let’s Play” of the game that involved an end goal. This, amazingly, was a new idea for Minecraft, as most Let’s Plays were just an endless play-through of Minecraft. I called this series “Hunt for the Golden Apple”, and posted the episodes on the YouTube channel “MachinimaRealm”

The launch of “Hunt for the Golden Apple” was the launch of my Minecraft YouTube career. From this point on, my YouTube channel began growing at a steadily increasing rate. After two months of that series, I released a video called “The Far Lands”, and tweeted it to Notch. Notch directly retweeted the post, which sent 40,000 new people to my channel all at once. In an effort to retain this audience, I had the idea to a new Minecraft video every single day, which at the time, was also a fairly new idea. After that video came out, I released a sequel called “The Corner Far Lands”, covering the Far Lands of Minecraft in more detail. That video got 20,000 views in a few days, and from that point on, I was getting twice as many views per day as before. Within two months of that video coming out, and me consistently posting Minecraft videos, YouTube became my full-time job.

In April of 2012, The Hunger Games movie was still fresh in everybody’s mind. Team Vareide had just created a Minecraft map based off the book / movie, and IHasCupQuake invited me to a tournament held within that map along with 11 other people, hosted by the YouTube channel “Machinima”. It was called “The Survival Games”. While my channel was growing at a steady rate before The Survival Games, my channel exploded in popularity when, as the underdog, I bested the entire field of competitors, and won the tournament. It exploded even more when I won the 2nd Survival Games tournament as well. And in case that’s not enough, I also won the third tournament as well. Ever since The Survival Games, I have been known for my expertise in the area of PVP, as well as my general knowledge of Minecraft itself.