2016 & Beyond

On August 28th of 2016, I made a choice to no longer do live-commentary videos on my YouTube channel. After doing them for over 5 years, I not only grew tired of the format, but my channel was also in the process of a slow and painful death. Each video was doing between 15-30k views, which wasn’t what I was after. I have always preferred doing calmer content that’s more informational in nature. With this change, I not only regained pride in my work, but my audience grew, and continues to grow to this day! I was stuck at 2,300,000 subscribers for two years before this change, but now I’m at 2,700,000 subscribers and still growing!

As of January of 2019, instead of videos averaging 15-30k views, they’re averaging over 200k views, with the vast majority of videos going over 100k views. I’ll never take this for granted, and I’m always looking ahead, from here on out!

So I hope you all have enjoyed, my name is AntVenom, and I bid you all farewell, thanks so much for reading!